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Who's On The Team?

Imagine a world in which the power is out, water is no longer coming out of the tap, the gas stations have shut down and the shelves at the supermarket are empty. There are sirens and gunshots sounding off throughout your neighborhood and dialing 911 only gets you a busy signal.

This will be reality for you at least once in your life as a result natural disaster, civil unrest, terrorist attack or economic collapse. In recent years, many Americans have had this experience for hours, days and even weeks until some manner of normalcy was restored.

Whether you have planned for this event or are caught unprepared, you will have a fixed amount of resources to stretch until the crisis has passed. Who can you rely on and who can rely on you?

Depending on the nature of the crisis, it may be best to hunker down and wait it out or perhaps head for the hills. You will have to make that determination in real time and not delay once you've made your decision.

What will you do when a neighbor or friend stops by looking for assistance? What if they bring their family?

In order to formulate your plans and set aside adequate supplies, you need to know who will be on your team. Each person, adult and child, represents a combination of skills and needs.

At a minimum, you should expect to provide food, shelter and security for all that live in your residence, including pets. That's right, you will need to cache cat litter, pet food, pet vitamins and grooming supplies if you intend to keep your pet's healthy and alive for the duration. Don't forget feminine hygiene products, diapers, formula and any medicines regularly required by family members for things like allergies, diabetes and heart conditions.

Make a list of your surival team members.

Now make a list of your close neighbors, friends and relatives. Because they will seek you out and if you are human, you will likely assist them as much as you can.

Now, if you choose to stay put and wait out a crisis, you are more likely to be inundated with assistance seekers. But, if your default plan is to bug out to a remote location, you will be able to keep your team smaller and more supportable.

It's up to you. Pick the team and then plan around them.


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